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Hardfolio is designed to support hardware wallets from the ground up. I’m currently working on Ledger support, but Trezor was the first integration available in Hardfolio. The outcome of building this was two libraries: Hid.Net, and Trezor.Net. Both libraries are .NET Standard libraries that work on Windows Classic, Windows UWP, and Android. Hid.Net will be the main base library for USB communication in Hardfolio. It currently has a no derivatives license because the aim is to build this library up to a commercial grade library before allowing it to be forked in all directions. Trezor.Net however, has an MIT license, so you are free to use it however you see fit. I encourage people to submit issues and pull requests for both libraries.

To get started you can clone the repo

There is a .NET Core console app sample called Trezor.Net.Sample inside the main solution. If you plug in your Trezor, and run this sample, it will prompt you for your pin code, and the code will return an address from your Trezor. UWP, and Android samples will come in time.


The underlying Hid library Hid.Net supports Android, Windows Classic, and UWP . I am hoping to soon expand this to Linux, and MacOS. If time permits, I will also be working on a server layer to put on top of desktop apps that will allow USB devices to be served up over https on a local network. This would allow iOS apps to connect to Trezor and other devices without having to actually have the device connected to the iPhone.

I’m now working on bringing Ledger support to Android, and UWP. The current Ledger SDK only supports Windows Classic. Here is my fork of that repo: .

Hit me up if you have any issues with the library.

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