As I type Hardfolio 3.0 is in the Google Play Store, and the Microsoft Store. This is a very significant release because it brings Trezor Model T support and it now works with the latest firmware for all devices. This is a quick few words on what Hardfolio is, where it has come from, and where it is going.

Hardfolio started its life as an app that was designed to pull together balances from multiple different sources. I quickly realised that this was really lacking for hardwarewallet users. The Ledger Live app does a good job of adding up your balances for the Ledger wallet, but that only works for one wallet. The Trezor wallet is good at giving you a view of your balance for one coin at a time, but it doesn’t give you a view of all your balances at once. This is what Hardfolio is shooting for: getting all your hardware balances together in one place. Hardfolio 3.0 is a big step in the right direction there. It’s about being able to reliably plug in your wallets and get your balances.

Hardfolio is well on its way toward becoming a full open-source project. If you want to inspect the base level code, please check out the repos: Device.Net, Trezor.Net, KeepKey.Net, and CryptoCurrency.Net  . Ledger.Net is a fully developed library which will be the basis of Ledger support which is on its way. The only reason Ledger has not been integrated yet is that there will need to be user interaction to select coins. This coin selection process must be smoothed out and carefully tested with Ledger’s app system. It won’t be added to Hardfolio until it’s a smooth user experience.

The last step of full open sourcing is on its way. The portfolio engine that Hardfolio uses will be freely available to be added to other applications so that more native apps can easily display balances from hardware wallets, and the UI will also be open source – mainly for the purpose of auditing the code. I’m committed to transparency and making sure that no part of Hardfolio is tampered with. This is why Hardfolio is being deployed in to the stores instead of being a downloadable executable.

Also, see the Hardfolio website for more information about Hardfolio, privacy, hardwarewallets and Store apps. I hope you get some use out of the app, and I can always be contacted through the Contact menu item for support or feedback.


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