Are you a C# programmer in to crypto? I and the community could use your help. I am maintaining several open source libraries for hardwarewallet integration. These libraries are gaining momentum, but I need help from the community to help push them further, improve the quality and support more coins. The overall aim of my libraries is to add support in C# for all hardwarewallet libraries, and enable them to work with all coins.

How You Can Help

I need people to test, support more coins, develop unit tests, and document the libraries. The easiest way to help is to browse through the libraries, look at the issues sections, test, and attempt to solve the issues. If you have any C# knowledge, I’m sure your skills will be helpful. Another thing you can do is build your own apps with these libraries. I need people to build real life use cases for these libraries.

Logging bugs is a great way to help! More than anything, I need to know about the bugs that exist. I can’t fix bugs I don’t know about.

Here is a rundown of the libraries.

Hardwarewallet Libraries

Trezor.Net, KeepKey.Net, Ledger.Net, Hardwarewallets.Net

These are my C# hardwarewallet libraries. They allow you to get addresses from the hardwarewallets and sign transactions for the blockchain with them. This is my most important contribution to the crypto community. I want more native phone and store apps and C# is a great way to build these – especially with Xamarin. These need a lot of work, so please have a look at them and see if there’s anything you can do. It would be really great if you could submit pull requests for getting addresses on all coins, and signing transactions for more coins.


This project is aimed at integrating with Blockchain and Exchange APIs. There are more than a dozen coins that are supported for getting balances, and transactions and so on. This works well with the hardwarewallet libraries. You can get an address from your hardwarewallet, and then scan the APIs to get the balances.

Hid.Net, Usb.Net (Device.Net)

These are USB and Hid transport libraries. These are the libraries that write data to, and read data from the hardwarewallets. They are the bread and butter of hardwarewallet integration. If you have skills in this area, I’d really like to hear from you.

If you have any questions, please join the C# Hardwarewallets Slack Workspace.

Spend some time help the C# community have more tools for integrating with crypto!


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