I have over seventeen years of Software Development experience, and I have the dedication to the discipline. I build apps, systems, and frameworks. I am particularly adept at building mobility solutions for the cloud. I want to help your business to build a successful solution.

  • Technical expertise with Microsoft technologies such as Xamarin, C#, XAML, ASP.NET Core, .NET, SQL, and web technologies
  • Domain expertise includes Local Government, Asset/Infrastructure Management, Task Management, and Cryptocurrency
  • Experience deploying to and managing apps in Google Play, Apple Store, and Microsoft Store
  • In-depth knowledge of managing and maintaining open-source frameworks
  • certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I). You can check my certification here

My passion is for making better software that is more reliable. Software should have a better user experience, be cheaper to maintain, faster to ship, and more compatible across platforms. I want to connect with your business. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Please contact me here for a free chat and include your phone number or other contact details.