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Mobile Apps

Build a quality, cross-platform phone and, or desktop app for your business. I have years of experience with Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, UWP, and Uno Platform and decades in the industry more broadly. I have successfully delivered many apps on Android and iOS to the Google Play, Microsoft, and Apple stores. I also build for macOS and Windows 10. Create a single-source codebase with Microsoft or Google Flutter technology. Depend on me to get your business’s software running on phones in an enterprise or boutique environment. Mobile apps are my specialty. 

Watch my talk on .NET Cross Platform Technologies:

Premium UI/UX Design

Enchant your users with UI that promotes your brand. I work with professional designer Daniel Ploskonka to design your app, and then meticulously craft the design into life. We talk to you on your terms. We can meet face to face or convert your sketches into a finished product.

Cloud Integration

Leverage existing APIs or engage me to move your APIs to Microsoft Azure. I do the legwork to make sure your serverless architecture is cost-effective and scalable. I have years of experience working with ASP.NET Core, and I can add handcrafted APIs to your microservices architecture for mobile apps. 

For USB Manufacturers

Create a front-end for your USB device. My framework Device.Net handles USB connectivity across Android, UWP, and .NET (Windows). Connect your device to phones without a complicated bridge. Use a single codebase for all USB and HID communication.

Clients Include

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