I am a software developer, writer, and content specialist based in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on .NET, Xamarin, Uno Platform, ASP.NET Core, and Microsoft Azure cloud architecture. I joined the software industry over two decades ago and have worked on all kinds of software projects. My passion is software development technology. I love writing about it and training people to use it. I can help your business to get the message across. Hire me to write or build training or promotional material for your business. Fill out the contact form below or visit LinkedIn for collaboration.

Content Creation Services

  • Blog posts (sponsored or guest)
  • Video tutorials and courses
  • Cross-platform Apps
  • Code sample apps
  • eBooks
  • SEO optimization
  • Training materials (internal or online documentation)

Get Your Message Across

SEO is at the core of reaching your target audience. Let your target audience find you by searching for your content. I write content in a way that encourages Google to send traffic to your website based on searches for your product. Educate them with interactive content that makes it easy for them to understand what your product does. Capture opportunities by quickly demonstrating the capabilities of your technology.

Quality Content

I work with professionals who believe in delivering quality content that captures attention. Create samples that customers can use immediately. All written content undergoes editing and proofreading. Video content includes your logo with transitions and professional audio engineering. 

Cross-platform Apps

I build apps for web, desktop, and phones. Create a level of engagement above and beyond straightforward content. Apps enhance customer experience and offer a competitive edge. Serve your content with stickiness in a way that encourages users to interact with your brand repeatedly.

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