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  • Supports: Trezor Model T, Trezor One, KeepKey
  • Coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Vertcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, DigiByte, ZCash, Cardano
  • Ledger support is nearly ready
  • Version: 3.2.0

3.2 Release Notes

  • Cardano (ADA) Support for Trezor Model T

3.1 Release Notes

  • Allow entering security passphrase
  • Backward compatibility with older Trezor Firmware

3.0 Release Notes

  • Trezor Model T 2.x+ Firmware Compatibility
  • Trezor One 1.8.x+ Firmware Compatibility
  • KeepKey Firmware Compatibility
  • Stability, startup and balance update enhancements

Features Being Built

  • Coin selection – 50% (#135)
  • Ledger Support – 60% (#136)
  • ERC20 Tokens – 80% (#138)
  • More Trezor / KeepKey Coins (#43)

Known Issues

  • Passphrase doesn’t seem to work with Model T (#141)
  • Cannot use multiple Trezors or multiple KeepKeys with same Hardfolio installation (#107)
  • Only Account 0 is scanned, so accounts other than the default don’t show up (#131)
  • If the device is unplugged before all addresses are scanned, the app will crash (#140)

End User License Agreement


Hardfolio is for people who own cryptocurrency hardwarewallets. See your balances at a glance for multiple different coins added together across hardwarewallets. Privacy and security are extremely import. Hardfolio does not use your data for any purpose other than presenting your balances to you, and because hardwarewallets are secure by their nature, you are protected. The app is available on Google Play, and Microsoft Store.

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Privacy & Security

  • Hardfolio does not currently make any transactions. It only views the balances of your wallet.
  • Hardwarewallets make it impossible for the app to see your private key (seed) so it would be physically impossible for the app to transact without you knowing about it.
  • Hardfolio does not retrieve your private or public keys from your device.
  • Hardfolio does not have a central server so none of your data is retrieved
  • Hardfolio does retrieve balances from various blockchain APIs but only by address
  • Hardfolio does contact Crypto Compare for the purpose of collecting estimated fiat values and other coin information.
  • If any personal data is collected by the app in future, the privacy policy will be updated.

Privacy FAQ

  • Is any of my data being collected by a server connected with Hardfolio?

No. Hardfolio doesn’t have a data collection server. The purpose of Hardfolio is not to collect data about you, and there is no intention whatsoever to use your data for advertising purposes or any other purpose. If there ever is, this will be stated clearly in the privacy policy of the app.

  • Does the app send any information that keeps track of its users?

Hardfolio currently sends your addresses to various Blockchain APIs. It’s theoretically possible that a 3rd party could tie your IP address to a Blockchain address. But, just querying an address does not identify you as the owner of the address. A 3rd party would need to know your private key to be able to prove that. If you want to hide your IP address, you could use a VPN for this purpose.

  • What data is kept?

Your addresses and balances are kept on your device locally. The address path from your keys, and transaction count for the address are also stored locally. These items are not sent to any 3rd parties. Hardfolio will never even encounter or request your private key or public key.

  • Can count and quantity of public addresses identify me on the Blockchain?

Not really. If a 3rd party did manage to tie your addresses to a public key, it doesn’t prove anything unless the 3rd party can prove that you have access to the private key of the public key. In other words, they’d more or less need to see your seed, or get access to your hardwarewallet with a pin code.