Build an App

Do you have an app in mind? Need mobility for your existing system? Not sure how to get started? Want to compare prices with other vendors? Let’s chat!

I have been building mobility solutions for over a decade. I can help your business to navigate the challenges of building mobility solutions on top of your existing system or building new systems for mobility. Mobility poses unique challenges like offline connectivity, security, and user experience. These are all things that I understand and can help your business to overcome. I don’t ask you to commit to a lengthy and expensive documentation process.

I use Microsoft technology and can deploy apps into Google Play, Apple, and Microsoft stores. Apps are securely accessible to your workforce, or target audience on any device. I minimize the maintenance cost by writing the app once for all platforms.

For UI design, I collaborate with your team, or with the professional designer Daniel Ploskonka. See his fantastic UI work here.