These are some of my apps, frameworks and content

Learn how to build cross-platform apps for browsers, iOS, Android, Windows with C# and XAML
Introduction to Uno Platform

This video course was written in collaboration with nventive and introduces learners to the concept of building apps with C# and XAML across multiple platforms.

Gather your cryptocurrency balances in one place securely with your hardwarewallets

This Android and Windows app uses your hardwarewallet to gather your balances for multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. This app uses Xamarin.Forms and Device.Net.

Read about the fundamentals of coding in C#
C# Pluralsight Guides

Several guides on C# topics from implementing interfaces to attributes and other topics.

Watch my talk about .NET cross-platform UI technologies

I have deep knowledge of cross-platform technology and love speaking about it. This video showcases modern .NET cross-platform technologies

Open-source cross platform C# framework for talking to connected devices such as Usb, Serial Port and Hid devices

This is a framework that I maintain for the purpose of communication with USB devices across multiple platforms. It currently supports Android, Windows and UWP.

Learn C# in the browser
O’Reilly Media Katacoda C# Tutorials

A series of interactive C# tutorials that guide the learner through the process of starting out with C#.

Consume Web APIs with .NET easily across all platforms

This framework is written in C# and makes consuming Web APIs easy. It uses async await with strong types to hide JSON or other serialization plumbing

Integrate hardwarewallets with your .NET application on any platform
Cryptocurrency Hardwarewallet Libraries (Ledger, KeepKey, Trezor)

These set of libraries connect to the three most popular cryptocurrency hardwarewallets and allow you to integrate your app with them. This is the basis for Hardfolio